midPhase Reviews


midPhase Reviews

August 18th, 2007

Several very popular blogs recommends midPhase:

Web hosting is one of those behind-the-scenes components of a Web site that never gets much attention… That is, until there’s a brownout, a server outage, or a huge traffic surge!

If you’ve ever run a successful Web site, then you’ve experienced at least one – and probably all – of the unexpected and crazy events I just mentioned. You also probably know, then, that a great Web hosting company is defined by how it responds to your needs during these times of crisis.

This response and subsequent attention to detail are the precise reasons why I host all of my new project sites with MidPhase. After dealing with two other hosting companies when I first started out on the Web, I’ve found that being able to work with the approachable, patient, and intelligent team at MidPhase is a huge relief.

Admittedly, just about any hosting company is adequate 98% of the time. It’s this additional 2% where MidPhase really shines (not to mention eliminates my headache), and this is why I give them my business and also recommend them to friends.

Chris Pearson, Pearsonified

When I first started Copyblogger, I chose MidPhase as my web host for two primary reasons:

  • They came highly recommended from people I trust; and
  • They had one-click WordPress installation.

It’s their reliability and customer service that prompted me to host three new projects with them since. I’ve had a lot of experience with hosting companies in the last 9 years, so when I find one that works I stick with it and tell everyone I can about it.

Brian Clark, Copyblogger

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